On Site Solvent Recycling

Liquid Recovery is a leader in mobile solvent recycling.  We provide service designed to reduce your company’s need to buy virgin solvent while reducing waste.  Our mobile unit has its own containment system and is not dependent on any outside power source.  We use an additional three stage 0.5 micron filtering system for the clean solvent returned.

Our non-spill contained mobile unit is expertly run by experienced and friendly technicians, who work on-site without requirements for additional insurance and without additional labor from your facility.

Our Fees

Liquid Recovery charges a straight, per-gallon processing fee with no hidden fees or charges.

How It Works

Our distillation process is simple:

  1. We vacuum your solvent into our mobile distillation unit.
  2. The used solvent is recycled under vacuum, and returned for reuse in your manufacturing process.
  3. The remaining solids or still bottoms are discharged separately for disposal.
  4. Liquid Recovery properly identifies and labels waste containers – ensuring your wastes are ready for immediate removal.

The Added Benefits of Using Liquid Recovery

  • Substantially reduces cost of virgin solvents used in your process
  • Reduces waste and disposal cost
  • Dramatically reduces your transportation liability
  • Reduces plant liability
  • Reduces your company’s reportable V.O.C. levels
  • Assists with waste organization

There is no training needed for your employees. We manage all air-permitting requirements. We are fully insured.

Click here for a list of solvents we work with.